6 Reasons to Love Netflix

In the past, we have Blockbuster where we can rent movies from the store and return them after we finish. Now, we have something amazing called Netflix where we pay an affordable monthly subscription and get unlimited access to various movies and shows that we love. We can also watch them on the television or our laptops. The cool part is that we do not have to return the videos to the store because everything is done online. Netflix has become a phenomenon where everybody has an account. There are multiple reasons why we should love Netflix, and in this article, we will emphasize on the top six reasons:

Netflix does not have commercials.  The most annoying part about TV channel are the commercials. Just imagine watching your favorite show or movies, and you are getting to the exciting part. Then they would have to pause for a commercial. Luckily Netflix does not have annoying commercials that will ruin your movie experience.


You can share account on Netflix. For just eight dollars per month, you can have multiple accounts on your Netflix. It’s as wonderful as giving homemade wax for pubic area. Your friends and family can create a profile in your account and watch an unlimited amount of movies and shows without having to pay anything.


Netflix is cheaper than satellite and channels.  On average, people are paying $72 a month for satellite or channels. With Netflix, you just have to pay eight dollars per month, and you will get access to your favorite movies and shows.


Netflix Understands my needs.  Netflix has the ability to learn what you like to watch through all the shows and movies that you have chosen in the past. Based on your history, Netflix can recommend new shows or movies for you to watch. This can save you a lot of time, so you don’t have to surf online for something new and exciting.


You can watch Netflix anywhere.  The best part about Netflix is that you can watch it on the television, laptop, and iPhone. It’s great for various types of events. If you have a movie party, you can put Netflix on TV. If you are with your significant other and would like to cuddle in bed with a laptop, you can put Netflix there. If you are on the go or waiting in line, you can play Netflix on your iPhone.


Netflix has cool stuff for the kids.  Netflix has added Disney Junior, Hasbro, and Cartoon Network for the kids. As parents, you will not have to worry about searching for age-appropriate content for your kids, Netflix can do all the work. Netflix has a great variety of fun for your kids and will keep them entertained for hours.


Because of its convenience, competitive price, and hours of entertainment, there is no reason to get satellite or cable. Netflix is all you need for your endless entertainment. It can provide you with movies and shows that will keep you glued to the tv for hours. You will not have to search for them on the Internet and get caught pirating or accidentally download a virus. With Netflix, everything you love is right there in front of you.


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